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Rich legacy of
media publishing

Our Beginnings

DOCNDOC started as a print publication registered under the Registrar of Newspapers, India in December 2009. The project was started after surveys with doctors in Govt. Medical College, Trichur to design an ideal publication while the founder was still doing medical graduation. The idea to consolidate interesting medical information for the medical fraternity took shape and the magazine reached a circulation of 76,000 printed copies after partnering with leading pharmaceutical companies.

Our Journey

From 2009-2012, we functioned primarily as a publisher. Between 2012-2016, we partnered with Media Transasia India Ltd., for publishing and started helping healthcare companies achieve market outreach. In 2017, we started digital publishing with an exclusive audience of reader-contributors. We expanded into digital content services for healthcare companies which further evolved into what we are today – a technology-enabled premium healthcare content provider with our own publications.

Interesting Facts
  • We became the largest publication read by doctors in India within 6 months of starting operations.
  • We have partnered with over 75 global events as an outreach partner.
  • DOCNDOC was started by a 21-year-old medical student in 2009.
  • We are owned and managed by medical professionals.

Our Client Profile

We have a unique mix of clients spanning healthcare and allied domains. We have had the unique privilege of working with every link in the healthcare industry chain, giving us detailed insights into domain profiles and their interactions and an edge in delivering performance.

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