We have an unbeatable expertise producing India's largest doctor's magazine since 2009

1 Million+ words published

We have produced over 1 Million words of healthcare content consistently since 2009.

70,000+ Doctors subscribed

We enjoyed subscription from 70,000+ doctors across the country making us the largest in the sector.

500+ Enterprises partnered

We have partnered with over 500 leading healthcare enterprises to produce specialty content.

In 2009, DOCNDOC took shape as a startup headed by a medical student from Kerala, India and subsequently went on to become the largest circulating magazine in the sector in a matter of just 6 months. DOCNDOC partnered with top pharmaceutical firms, medical equipment companies and hospitals to produce quality content and create unique distribution systems of its print publication. To stay ahead of the industry trend towards creating digital assets, DOCNDOC setup scalable healthcare content production as the mainstay of its operations in 2017.

Created by doctors for the healthcare community


We are as persistent about sticking to our guiding principles as we are in the pursuit of our vision

Our vision

Be useful, become big and be the biggest.

  • Deliver valuable healthcare content to society through industry partnerships. 
  • Drive effective scaling of content production across geographies, while ensuring quality.
  • Become the world's largest distributor of genuine healthcare content.

Guiding principle

Create value for partners through content and distribution.

  • Generate true and helpful content, in a language best perceived by intended readers.
  • Generate value to the client by producing meaningful content that engages its audience.
  • Enhance value of content produced with effective channels of distribution.

Our team ethic

Direct individual inspiration towards organizational goals.

  • Get more done by aligning organizational goals with individual passions and aspirations.
  • Ensure a high quality work environment with high degree of individual freedom.
  • Continuously commit to improve individual performance through tangible self assessment.

What we do

The most powerful projects are a blend of art and science.

  • We are a full service healthcare production company with a strong focus on storytelling.
  • We build for our partners, reputation as a healthcare thought leader through effective content marketing.
  • We efficiently distribute content through our online and offline media channel partners.


Our work has excelled through the passionate effort of our advisors, experts, editors, and journalists

From the publisher

Dr. Shanoob Azad

Healthcare industry is unique. It directly touches everyone. Insurance companies, healthcare institutions and pharmaceutical companies communicate directly with almost every member of our society. The industry also uses complex terminology that outsiders find difficult to comprehend. This creates a barrier to easy communication between its various stakeholders: society, patients, professionals, institutions, businesses and services. DOCNDOC has a unique experience and expertise to take up this challenge and work towards ensuring a high quality, simple and scalable content management service for the industry.


  • Dr. Vijay Agarwal
  • Dr. Supten Sarbadikari
  • Dr. M Krishnan Nair
  • Dr. Chandrakanth S Pandav
  • Dr. John Ebenezer
  • Dr. Philip Augustine
  • Dr. Deepak Govil
  • Dr. Shakir Hussain


  • Dr. Jeevan Lal Sawhni
  • Dr. Ramesh
  • Dr. Prasanth Pillai
  • Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev
  • Dr. Kishore Kumar
  • Dr. Shebna Aziz
  • Dr. Shehna Firosh
  • Dr. Chandrakanth Shetty
  • Dr. Satheesan Balasubramanian
  • Dr. Shashi Kapoor
  • Dr. V V Pillai
  • Sharad Govil
  • Prof. Anindya Sinha


  • Jyoti Verma
  • Maneesha Dube
  • Jyothir Ghosh
  • Sreekumar S
  • Saritha I V
  • Shine Krishna
  • Nikunj Sharma
  • Pallavi Paul
  • Bipin Kumar
  • Sachin Jain
  • Kanchan Rana
  • Aashruti Kak
  • Sujit Singh
  • Smita Singh
  • Urmila Marak
  • Heena Mahajan
  • Shalini Bhardwaj
  • Randeep Joseph
  • Vrinda Nair
  • Pooja Chaudhary
  • Nikitha Manoj
  • Joseph John


  • Xavier Collaco
  • Puneet Nanda
  • Vipul Jain
  • Anish Vijayan
  • Gagan Bagal
  • Esha Prabhakar
  • Medha Mittal
  • Meenakshi
  • Jitendra Kumar
  • Sonya Caroline Shah
  • Sunil Dubey
  • Ritesh Roy
  • Runa Sinha
  • Priyanka Ghosh
  • Pallavi Oak
  • Sujit Bose
  • D Karthik
  • Ruchika Dahiya
  • Sathya Narayana
  • Somnath Pramanik
  • Subash Mishra
  • Bharath Seth
  • Sonali Desai
  • Saloni Singh
  • Suman Kumar
  • Ashish Sawhney
  • Ragini Padikkal
  • Sunil Gujral
  • Chandni Wadera
  • Deepa AK
  • Chaitali Chandarana
  • Sandeep Rangroo
  • Sunil Kumar
  • Sandeep Bhardwaj


Our journey has engaged every stakeholder in the industry through publishing, events and promotions