EKF announces launch of new HbA1c analyser

in Equipments

EKF Diagnostics’ Quo-
Lab is billed as a revolution
in HbA1c measurement because
it combines world leading
accuracy with low cost,
easy to use technology. It
has been specifically
developed to provide a
point of care device that meets
the needs of clinics and laboratories
in countries where diabetes
is an increasingly large
public health issue and resources
are limited.

The analyser, designed by
EKF subsidiary Quotient Diagnostics,
is small, lightweight
and requires a simple procedure
to deliver lab-accurate results
within four minutes. It
uses the same Boronate Affinity
technique as its sister device,
Quo-Test. CEO of Quotient
Diagnostics, Brian Hickey, says,
‘‘Quo-Lab changes the rules of
HbA1c measurement because
diabetes clinics and laboratories
in Asia, Africa and South
America will have access to accurate,
economic and, most
importantly, user-friendly
technology.’’ The first Quo-Lab
analysers will be ready for
shipping in Q1 2012. 

 Quo-Lab uses Boronate
Affinity methodology. This
method is recognised
as being interference free
 Measuring range: 4-17 per
cent A1c (20 – 162 mmol/mol)
 Imprecision: CV <3 per cent
at 7 per cent A1c
 Unaffected by Hb variants
 Stores up to 7,000
patient results
 Reports in IFCC and
DCCT values
 PC software for LIS connectivity
and integrated USB port
 Dimensions: 95mm (H) x
205mm (W) x 135mm (D)
 Weight: 0.7kg
 The Quo-Lab analyser and
cartridges are designed and
assembled at Quotient
Diagnostics in Walton-on-
Thames, Surrey, UK

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