How to handle a broken relationship

in Mental health

From the chief psychiatrist,
Max Healthcare,
Dr Samir Parikh.

  • Accept reality, do not be in denial.

Transitions take time. When a relationship goes through the process of a break up it tends to be difficult for the couple. It is most important that one accept the reality of the situation. Even though transitions take their own time, denying the truth only prolongs distress.

  • Do not get into a blame match, have a cordial separation.

The breakup of a relationship cannot be blamed on any one individual. Two people make a relationship and it is both of their efforts that can either keep the relationship going or lead to it breaking up. Blaming the other person worsens the turmoil that is being experienced. It is prudent to part ways in an amicable and cordial manner.

  • Stay in touch with family and friends.

Social support matters. Coping with a break up can be difficult and many things and situations can serve as a painful reminder of the relationship that was. Having the support of family and friends helps cope in an effective and healthy manner. It provides a space to be able to talk to others and gain alternate perspectives from them.

  • Do not let lifestyle be affected, take care of yourself.

It is very easy to allow the changes that have taken place to affect one’s daily routine and lifestyle in general. However, this impacts moods and thoughts in a negative manner. It is essential to take care of one’s own self and try and maintain one’s lifestyle.

  • Talk to an expert if you are unable to cope.

If things only seem to be piling up and coping with the difficulties seems to be getting tougher with each passing day, then it is imperative that one talk to an expert which can be help one generate ways of better coping with the distress that is being experienced. 

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