Interview with Dr.Rakesh Tandon: Medical Director, PSRI Hospital, New Delhi

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Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute for Liver, Renal & Digestive Diseases, New Delhi (PSRI Hospital) is an NABH, NABL and ISO-accredited superspeciality hospital for the care of patients with gastrointestinal (GI) and liver diseases and for those with kidney diseases. The rationale of keeping liver and kidney diseases is that one often affects the other. Almost all end stage chronic liver disease patients end up developing renal dysfunction (hepatorenal syndrome) and a majority of end stage kidney disease patients present with gastrointestinal bleeding or with chronic hepatitis B or chronic hepatitis C. Expert help is thus readily available to both group of patients under the same roof.


Gastrointestinal Sciences

Medical and surgical counter parts of GI speciality are both fully developed at PSRI hospital in terms of equipment and personnel. There are seven fully trained and experienced gastroenterologists and six highly trained GI surgeons. Each of them has one or two niche areas, ie of special interest. which helps greatly covering all aspects of the speciality in great depth.

A full range of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy facilities is available and is being utilised regularly. That includes the latest kids on the block, i.e. capsule endoscopy and endoscopic ultrasound (EUS). Ours is a very active endoscopy unit as we perform 800-1000 procedures per month. Radiology-guided interventions are also being done regularly by our interventional radiologist. In an occasional patient the radiologist and endoscopist combine and do a rendezvous procedure.
Our GI surgeons excel in microinvasive surgery. They p.erform highly complicated and extensive surgeries through laparoscopy. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, appendicectomy, splenectomy, colonic or intestinal resections and pancreatic or other cyst drainages are routine at our hospital. Few laparoscopic surgeons perform oesophageal surgery through laparoscopy, but our surgeons at PSRI do them regularly.

Nephrology and Urology

We have four full time nephrologists and an equal number of urologists. We have the most sophisticated haemodialysis unit with the latest machines and our centre is known for doing maximum number of maintenance haemodialysis in Delhi-NCR. Our urologists perform all kinds of therapeutic intervention, including complicated urological surgery and kidney transplantation. We regularly get patients for transplant from Nepal, Bangladesh and North­Eastern regions of India.

Supportive Disciplines

Both the above specialities are strongly supported by well established departments of Diabetology/endocrinology,radiology, laboratory medicine, blood bank, anaesthesia, physiotherapy and clinical nutrition. Consultants from other specialities such as cardiology, pulmonology, oncology, gynaecology, psychiatry, haematology, ENT and orthopaedics, are also available by appointment. We have a round-the-clock operational emergency room and excellent medical as well as surgical Intensive Care Units.

A recently instituted Lifestyle Diseases Centre has also become operational to meet with the challenge of increasing menace of obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, heart disease and fatty liver. Its objective is to detect and treat these conditions early and effectively.

Education and Research

PSRI is an approved institution for DNB courses, both in gastroenterology and nephrology. Thus, we have regular teaching and research programme for DNB candidates that inculcates an academic environment and keeps all doctors updated, which ensures superb patient care .•

A recently inaugurated Lifestyle Diseases Centre has also become operational to meet with the challenge of increasing menace of obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, heart disease and fatty liver.

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