Interview with Dr.D.S.Rana: Chairman, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

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Although Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH) was es­tablished in 1954 in India, originally, the hospital was rooted at Lahore in 1921. It gives us great pleasure to know the BOO-bedded hospital still exists by the same name at Lahore, established by Sir Ganga Ram (1851-1927), a civil engineer and leading philanthropist of his time, and is respected and appre­ciated for its services by the peopie of Pakistan. It is after parti­tion that the foundation of SGRH was laid at New Delhi by the then Prime Minister of lndla, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru in 1951.
SGRH, today, is a prestigious tertiary care, multi specialty charitable hospital that has all broad and super specialities, with a steady determination towards providing affordable and quality healthcare to all. Not only are we one of the first hospitals in the non-governmental sector to undertake multi specialties . like nephrology, we are also pio­neers in organ transplantation.


• Model with a difference

Our charity model, which is more than four decades old, has helped us fulfill one of the most crucial objectives behind the hospital’s existence-affordable healthcare for all sections of society. We have voluntarily set aside 20 per cent of our beds for ad­mitting poor patients for free treatment, while 25 per cent of beds are reserved for patients who pay just the cost price of the treatment. We also reserve 25 per cent of our beds for those who can pay 50 per cent higher than the cost price, as well as 30 per cent beds for patients who can pay 100 per cent above the cost price.

SGRH also runs free outdoor services in all specialities from 9:00 am till noon on working days, where patients receive free consultation and subsidised diag­nostic facilities. In addition, pa­tients below the poverty line (BPL) are provided free investiga­tion, as well as free medicines. The hospital also extends support through its outreach charitable programme to provide various medical and educational services to the poor.

We differ in our charity model in the way that the funds for free or subsidised treatment are routed directly from the proceed­ings made from the hospital. Even the doctors at the hospital con­tribute a share of 15-25 per cent of their fixed professional income earned at SGRH towards further development of the hospital. In all continuity, the rich patients, by paying their full cost of healthcare at SGRH, are indirectly making it possible for the economically challenged patients to avail qual­ity healthcare at subsidised or no price. In the end, the surplus re­sources are then diverted for de­veloping infrastructure, acquiring latest technologies, and into re­search and medical education.

As SGRH is run by the Sir Ganga Ram Trust Society, being the custodians of the hospital, the trust is dedicated to provide free treatment for economically weaker sections of society, and members do not benefit monetar­ily from the proceedings of the hospital in any way. Although the State and Central Government laud us for our practices and ac­tivities, we barely receive any do­nations or grants from the same.

• Board of Management

The SGRH Board of Management comprises of eminent medical professionals, who ensure that e hospitalhas plallS to build a 10-storey new block that will take care of an additional 200 beds, while also building a modern multi-storey parking of a 1,200 car capacity.

The objectives of the institution are honoured, while they go on to create a doctor, employee and pa­tient-friendly atmosphere.

We not only attract the best faculty from leading medical insti­tutes and teaching hospitals like AIIMS, but believe in nurturing and grooming talent, particularly from the junior-most levels. We have always been proud of the fact that we have been more of a nursery for incredibly talented medical professionals that have now been integrated at or sourced by other upcoming hospitals across the country as their own medical faculty. That has, not even in the least, deterred us to provide them the congenial envi­ronment at the hospital to enable their optimum growth.

• Research and Medical Education

We at SGRH believe that equal emphasis should be directed to­wards medical education and re­search. We were one of the first hospitals to be recognised by the National Board of Examination (NBE) for post graduate medical education. In fact, we are a role model hospital as far as the NBE is concerned, as we impart PG training programmes in 17 broad and 13 super specialties.
It was to consolidate all our re­search and educational activities and to ensure the prioritisation of the same; SGRH established the Ganga Rani Post Graduate ln­stitue of Medical Education and Research (GRIPMER) in 2012. Apart from clinical research, we also display commitment towards molecular research.

• Growth Unlimited

Being a 675-bedded hospital, SGRH still faces 100 per cent oc­cupancy of beds at most time. We went on to acquire 185 more beds in City Hospital and Kolmet Hospi­tal as part of our local expansion plans. Currently, the hospital has plans to build a 10-storey new block that will take care of an ad­ditional 200 beds, while also building a modern multi-storey parking of a 1,200 car capacity. In all, SGRH has grand plans to ex­tend its bed capacity to 1,600 in the next five years in order to continue providing healthcare services to all those in need.•

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